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Massage Therapy

“time to reflect and relax”

By deploying a wide range of massage techniques an extremely therapeutic and relaxing massage can be achieved. This will help blood circulation (encourage blood and lymphatic circulation), relax soft tissue, reduce tension and muscle congestion.

Skin condition and elasticity are improved with the gentle massaging of the tissue.  Exfoliation occurs with the increased supply of nutrients and oxygen to the reproductive layers of the skin.
The body’s natural Oils are stimulated (sebaceous glands) lessening the risk of dry or cracked skin.

 Sports Massage

“stimulate, repair and prepare”

Sports massage is a superficial to deep tissue and trigger point massage that helps in the repair, regeneration and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system.  The advantages and popularity in pre and post event preparation and recovery are well known.  Many athletes and active individuals apply regular sports massage as part of their training.  Treatment can be targeted to very specific tissue areas that require stretch and various depths of pressure applied to release tension and mobilise muscle tissue.   This action helps by stimulating blood supply to provide and assist movement. Sports massage stimulates and invigorates physically and mentally.
Target your potential
Injury and recovery

“1 step back 2 steps forward”

Damaged ligaments, muscles or recovery from skeletal injury can be assisted in the repair process by a variety of exercises and massage techniques.  More often than not a quicker and stronger recovery can be achieved with the mobilising of the muscles and connective tissues to an active state strengthening the structure of the muscles, connective tissues and fibres.  

Injury prevention

“overload and stressed, don’t wait until it really hurts”

The stress we often place on the musculoskeletal system can lead to injury, be it through intensive exercise where we push the body to extremes or simply work our bodies too hard within our daily routines.  Repetitive injuries that cause muscular pain and tension are very common today for example daily use of keyboard or seated at a motor vehicle for hours on end can lead to back pain and discomfort.  Through massage the body’s natural systems and mechanics are regenerated, muscles and connective tissue are given assistance in the repair and strengthen process.  Massage employed on a regular basis can help avoid such circumstances.


“the effective road to recovery”

Any time spent off work or out of sport through injury will require a carefully planned and progressive rehabilitation program.  This program should always include soft tissue therapy to assist in:

- Muscle activation and conditioning (motor re-education)
- Flexibility and strengthening
- Correction of abnormal biomechanics
- Neuromuscular control (balance proprioception)
- Maintain build cardiovascular fitness

Pain and stress reduction management

“Just like your car needs a regular service or mot”

Quite simply through a mixture of soft and deep tissue massage techniques muscular pain and stress can be elevated.  Massage helps relax the muscular and neuromuscular systems increasing blood supply flow, nutrients and oxygen all assisting in the relaxation and stimuli of energy around the body.  A regular 45 minute massage works wonders in releasing tension and positioning the body to a state of calm and reinvigorating the body’s natural chemical and neurological systems.

Back Care

“This one is a real pain in the ass”

Back pain is one of the most common ailments that affect adults in the UK.
A recent survey, reported that almost half the adult UK population (49%) report lower back pain lasting at least 24 hours at some time in the year.  If you have experienced back injury of some description you know just how much pain and discomfort is suffered.

• It is estimated that four out of every five adults (80%) will experience back pain at some stage in their life
• Back pain peaks in adults from 35-55 years of age
• The NHS spends more than £1m every year on back pain-related costs
• 5 million working days were lost as a result of back pain in 2003-04
Well facts and figures are one thing but what about the physical and mental distress many back pain sufferers face every day. Normal things like carrying shopping, standing up at work, or gardening can turn into the most painful of tasks.

How to beat it

It is possible to combat the pain through a mixture of activities including massage therapy and exercise:
Massage will help stretch out muscular tension and assist diagnosis of neurological abnormalities and muscle weakness.  Through exercise on a regular basis your chances of getting back pain are reduced, recovery from pain is accelerated letting you do all the things you enjoy!  Exercise doesn’t have to be intensive, simply taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking or cycling to the shops rather than driving.  However, taking up a new sport or active hobby can help reduce the chance of back pain.  As the body starts to adapt it changes shape and strengthens as muscles, tendons and the skeletal system start to interact with one another. At releaf we have a special 6 pack back care plan for just £100, with treatments taken at any time of your choice.
Athletic Conditioning

“Target your potential”
Whether starting out or looking to reach your full potential our athletic conditioning program can be especially adapted to suit your requirements. Programs can be specifically built around your choice of sport and we are happy to cater for groups and or teams.  We can help you target the next big event or that forthcoming challenge.
Through a mixture of indoor and outdoor exercises we would be looking at developing a number of key areas such as cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, stability, speed, power and general wellbeing.
For example if your choice of sport is golf and you are looking to improve your handicap or have set your goal on winning the club championships or simply want to play more consistently.  Significant gains can be achieved and will come from improvements in overall fitness which has emphasis placed on increased power, resistance and flexibility training!

Corporate Wellness and coaching system

“one step beyond”

Many organisations have great sounding health and wellbeing policies but these often are little more that providing some advice on how important it is to eat well, do some exercise and have a health check every once in a while.  Do these really make the impact they should, what’s in it for the employee and employer.  Fact is most of us want to be a little more health conscious , fitter and more active but do not know how to go about this or more importantly sustain such an endeavour.  Our Corporate Wellness coaching system can help address this dilemma and work with organisations to encourage change in its workforce to a fit for business scenario.  We can help individuals or groups in many different areas from starting out in the journey of change or pulling together for the next big charity challenge (London to Brighton for example or the London Triathlon).


“menu for success”

What you eat is so fundamental to how you perform and behave and to some extent how healthy you may feel.  We all know crash diets never work and that what we are about to pop in our mouth is tasty but not that healthy, but never the less it makes us feel better all be it for a short period.
The specialist team at releaf can provide advice and create detailed best practice nutrition tips and guidance for every day healthy living or specific plans to suit your sporting interest (triathlon, running, cycling, tennis, golf, rugby) and the requirements of important fuel and nutrient intake over a training and racing time period.
Food types affect people in different ways and food can often be aligned to various symptoms or illnessess causes and cure.
Good nutrition comes from good planning and a balanced mixture of food groups that suit your specific needs.

Your body functions much better when it is fuelled correctly just like a formula 1 racing car.
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