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neuromuscular mobilisation
These are massage techniques that are used to help increase Range of Motion (ROM), by attempting to remove physical restriction to movement and in doing so increase mobility.  Restrictions within muscles (intramuscularly) are fibres that are stuck to one another and can be soft tissue to soft tissue or soft tissue to bone.

There are a number of techniques used to carry out soft tissue mobilisation these include connective tissue therapy, myofascial release and frictions.

In terms of neuromuscular restrictions to movement, these are caused by shortened muscles. Areas of stress within muscle (trigger point) often leading some muscles to be in a constant state of contraction.  Muscle length is important and with combination of increasing flexibility, ROM and reduction in hyperactive proprioceptors improvements can be fully realised through a combination of Muscle Energy Techniques (MET’s), Trigger Point Therapy and positional release.

Trigger Point & Positional Release

Trigger point treatment is very specific and focuses on areas of soft tissue that are causing pain (muscle tension), dysfunction and or restricting flexibility.  Often a trigger point is developed from postural imbalance or overuse of muscle or compensatory movements.

Positional release involves passive positioning of the client to promote muscle relaxation and blood circulation to specific area.
The effects and aim of these treatments is to;

Improve range of movement
Increase flexibility
Reduce local pain
Reduce referred pain
Improve circulation
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