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Having thoroughly enjoyed my first year competing in triathlons after being a smoker for 30 years I decided to up the anti for 2013 and enter a half ironman.  I was put in contact with Campbell Noon through the Milton Keynes David Lloyd Health Club and started training with him in January this year.  

To say he has made difference to my running and cycling performances would be a massive understatement.  Campbell has provided me with detailed structured training plans, personal training sessions and regular sports massage sessions throughout the year.  

Campbell has a great approach to training; he has the ability to motivate and
make hard training fun.  He has also given me detailed advice in relation to nutrition, stretching and avoidance of injuries all of which has been really effective.
Steve Bell
Steve Bell  -Triathlete 2013
In March 2013 I ran a very disappointing half marathon in Barcelona in 2 hours 36 mins, I was 15 stone 8lbs and suffered for the last 4 miles. On returning home I decided to do something about it and contacted Campbell Noon. He saw something in me and was confident I could achieve so much more if I had the desire and dedication. He set me a target of sub 2 hour half marathon by October 2013.  Campbell suggested a nutritional diet by only having natural carbs, no bread, pasta etc, replacing it with pulses, wild rice, chicken and fish etc. I started to lose the weight and my running improved over the last five months with my Parkrun times coming down from 26.59 to 24.14.

On Monday 5th August 2013 I ran the Dublin Rock n Roll half marathon achieving my first sub 2 hours, two months ahead of my target and having lost 33lbs in weight. With Campbell's help, including regular sports massages, I am continuing to improve my times with another Parkrun PB of 23.57 on Saturday 10th August 2013.

Campbell is an amazing person with so much dedication to helping others achieve their goals.
David Stride
David Stride
Marathon Runner and inspiration to us all
Campbell Noon has been training me over the last year.  My training hasn’t always been consistent and lacked both variety and focus.  With Campbell’s help (training schedules) I now train smarter and have achieved my goals for 2012; Milton Keynes marathon and the Challenge Henley long distance triathlon (ironman).

He coaches me once per week (1 hour sometimes 2 hours) introducing me to challenging and varied sessions running and cycling.  My fitness levels and confidence have increased over this period with the final result in September of a fantastic 3rd place in my age category and smashing my previous ironman time not by minutes but hours.

Campbell is friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable in his field.  I would recommend “target you potential” to anyone and feel Campbell’s services are great value for money, bring on 2013.

Kerry Ann Wilson

Ironman champion & Milton Keynes Marathon 2012
G4 conquer half, thanks to Campbell Noon

When G4 approached Campbell to discuss how his personal training services could help us to achieve our first half marathon distance in just eight weeks, none of us could say we were 100% confident that we could do it.

The training plan he set for the group was realistic, varied and our weekly session with you so much fun. He motivated us when we were tired, used the weekly session to push us, but to bring some fun to the week too, and gave so freely with your advice and encouragement when we needed it. What’s more, his sports massage service kept us all on our feet, freeing us of our niggles and kept us moving. We’ve had so much fun, learnt lots about running and a huge amount about ourselves and what we are capable of.
Completing the half marathon, quicker than anticipated, was not only a reflection of the hard work that has been put in by us, but of the fantastic support we have had from Campbell. We couldn’t have done it without him and would recommend Campbell to anyone. Thank you!

G4 are 4 MK based female runners now looking to go further and faster with Campbell!
Campbell was my sports massage therapist while I was training for my first marathon. I followed an intensive 14-week training schedule which incorporated regular sports massage to provide relief and recovery from the general tiredness following the long weekly runs. Campbell’s knowledge, first hand experience from being a professional sportsman and professionalism were evident throughout and enabled me to understand the importance of sports massage to help injury prevention.

Campbell is a true professional who has the ability to combine a high level of treatment with a relaxed and friendly approach at a price that is affordable.

I completed my first marathon in extreme weather conditions in 4:19:15 and remained fit and injury free.

I have recommended Campbell to several of my work colleagues and will definitely be making some more appointments myself when I have identified my next challenge.

Karen Ross
Milton Keynes Marathon, 4:19:15
I approached Campbell a few months ago to help my body recover and to treat, or more importantly prevent any injuries arising from my exercising regime.

Campbell is flexible, down to earth, friendly, professional and has a genuine interest to help you achieve well in your activities. He makes himself available by phone or email between sessions to answer any questions or offer additional support.

On this basis I would highly recommend Campbell as a quality therapist to anyone wanting to get the best out of their bodies and performance.

Patrick Greene

trains with the local FitMK bootcamp and Woburn Sands Kickboxing Club
I went to see Campbell every week for around 6-8 weeks during the run up to me running the London and Milton Keynes Marathon. I am a 40 year old woman, and although always been into sports and running, these were my first full Marathons, and I was prone to getting aches pains and injuries. I was just recovering from Compartment syndrome and multiple shin splints when I started seeing Campbell. I truly believe he helped keep away any problems during this period. Every massage session I had was after my long weekly run at the end of the week, and I believe this helped my to recover, relax and get the blood flowing to the leg muscles when they needed it most, which prevented any new injuries, and kept my old ones a bay! I enjoyed both my Marathons, and recovered from both very quickly, in fact was back cycling the next day after they had finished, and Campbell's magic definitely was a factor in my quick recovery

Terri Griffiths

London & Milton Keynes Marathons 2012
Jeet Kune Do & Kali stick fighting master
When I first met Campbell I had just found out I had a late place for the marathon with only three months to train! I was overweight and only running a maximum of three miles twice a week. That didn't stop me having high expectations though and I wanted a sub 4 time for my first marathon.

Campbell designed my training programme, pushed me in our sessions, coached me on pacing and gave me much needed nutritional advice, more than that he helped me prepare mentally and build my confidence to achieve my goal. I've framed my medal from the London marathon and it's hanging pride of place in my house, it still feels special every time I see it. With Campbell's expertise and my determination I completed in 3hrs 56mins and through the training lost 2 stone! I am really proud of my achievement and couldn't have done it without Campbell's guidance and encouragement.

I am now fitter (and thinner!) and never felt such a massive sense of accomplishment. Thanks Campbell!

Wayne Vallentine

London Marathon Sub 4 hours 2012
am a competitive runner/triathlete that trains most days, somedays twice. I train hard, eat well and am always looking for ways to sharpen my performance. I've had the odd massage in the past but never felt it was important to my plan or financially affordable for frequent sessions. I came to Campbell thinking it may be another one off flush out after MK Half Marathon. He got into the lumps and bumps massively speeding up my recovery back to training which we discussed in depth with some great advice. My plan for the early season was a mixture of 1/2 marathon, marathon, 40 mile and 50 mile ultramarathons all within 12 weeks. I now have a massage in taper week to prepare, relax and get rid of any uncertainties that may not get me on that start line feeling fresh. I then get one in my recovery week (hurts more) which has been key to repairing me ready to get back into training for my next race. The more sessions we have the more he understands me, my muscles and how to get us where I need to be. Thanks Campbell'

'Campbell is my newest training tool in preparation and recovery! His treatments have helped to get me on the start line of 1/2 marathon, marathon, 40 mile ultra and 50 mile ultra all within 12 weeks!!

Max Dillon
Ironman and one of the UK’s top Ultra Distance Runners
Since I have been training with Campbell I have lost 1 stone in weight. I feel much fitter, healthier and have a lot more stamina. Campbell designed a tailor made fitness plan for me that I could easily incorporate into my daily lifestyle. Campbell is very knowledgeable and approachable and always offers guidance and support. I am now much more aware of how to keep myself in better shape through exercise and nutrition. I have been overweight for a number of years and am pleased to finally see my BMI go down to a much healthier level.

Maria Davis
No more knee pains
Having been running for about 4 years I was stuck in a routine of hitting the pavements and notching up the miles, some days more than others. I'd managed to complete a number of races, 10k's, halves and two full marathons but never really made and improvements on my finishing times.

I managed to get a place in the London marathon for the third time this year and set myself a stretching goal of 4 hrs 15 . I previously knew Campbell professionally and when he told me that he was going to be a personal trainer I thought he would be the ideal person to help.

We had an initial consultation and Campbell challenged my commitment, asked what I wanted to achieve and built a plan to help me realise my goal. The plan was varied and focused on building my strength, endurance and speed. The three keys to my success were:
- Campbell wrote a plan that was specific to me
- my regular sessions with Campbell developing different running disciplines
- Campbell's understanding and support.

On my marathon training journey I had a couple of niggles and Campbell was always available to talk through what tweaks I could make to the plan to keep my training on track. On occasions I also had some treatments from Campbell which made a huge difference to my recovery.

I can highly recommend Campbell, his detailed plans, wealth of knowledge and focused personal approach can help you achieve and exceed your goals.... As I did completing the marathon in 3:58. It doesn't stop there I am looking forward to working with Campbell to smash that time in my next marathon.

Georgina Bingham

London Marathon Sub 4 hours 2012
Team Whiley “you did it”

Congratulations to Jo and India finishing their first Half Marathon in 2.06 at the Great North Run, surprising what can be achieved off 10 weeks training!

Jo “thank you for your patience and expertise and for giving me one of the most memorable summers of my life”  September 2013
Jo Whiley and Campbell Noon Great North run
Suzanne & Alex Triathlon Adventure
Training for middle distance triathlon is a bit of a time challenge for me, Squeezing in long sessions, swim and turbo/brick sessions with the school run and hitting client deadlines for work is tricky. Campbell created a training plan that maximised the time available to best effect and used facilities close to home to fit in around toddler nap times. It’s been a journey of pain and learning - especially my one to one sessions but, after a PB at the Henley Half with 20 minutes off my run time, I'm looking forward to winter training to get ready for The Ironman in 2014, Very exciting and a bit scary; my plan will be an even bigger challenge for Campbell. Can't wait to see what he comes up with!
I decided to enter my first Ironman in August 2012 and started training with a great gusto. By November I realised with only 10 months and niggling injuries from my self made training plan, I would benefit from more structure in my training and professional advice.
Having approached Campbell and after a chat over a cup of tea and a quick assessment of my running fitness that almost killed me, I decided I rather like his way of training and thinking about fitness.
Campbell promptly devised a plan that was easy to follow without affecting my erratic work schedule.
It wasn't always a plain sailing but every time my focus faltered or I got injured, Campbell steered me back in the right direction. He also told me off when I decided to add things to the plan that would hamper the end result. Half way through he changed the training plan to ensure I can train all my hours long endurance session with my training partner Suzanne.
The one to one sessions were hard and seldom was I looking forward to them. But apart from feeling great once I finished these I benefited from much improved running technique and bike handling skills.
I look back at the year with a big grin on my face. With an Ironman, two marathons and 40 mile ultra to my name I can't wait to put Campbell's magic skills under even more pressure with my planned challenges for 2014'
I came to Campbell for therapy with a running injury from marathon training. My injury soon came right with several deep tissue massages and a sound rehab plan of exercises.  We discussed my ambition to become an GB age group triathlete and although I was beginning to have some success in local races. My bike splits were really weak, leaving me way behind the really good athletes. With 4 weeks to go until my GB qualification race Campbell organised my training plan and took me out and got me working hard on my bike. I qualified at Grendon Lake with a bike split I would have never thought possible. Campbell continued to coach me through the rest of the season where I became a National middle distance champion winning my age group and 5th lady overall at the Cowman National Championships. I've qualified to complete middle distance for the GB age group team for middle distance in the European Championships 2014. I won my age group
at Challenge Henley half Ironman and was 5th Lady overall. I won Silverstone Duathlon and Bedford Sprint triathlon in the process.

It's been an amazing season made possible by Campbell's coaching and cycling expertise. Campbell is working with me now to improve my running and get me fitter and faster to take on next years challenges.

Karen Lennox Team GB Triathlete
Another Gold for Lennox
Jo Whiley and daughter India complete the Great North Run
Olivia Elliott - Team GB
Olivia is a 13 year old tennis player. Already at 5ft 7 and training for the woman's tennis scene .
It as been invaluable having Campbell over the last year.
At times we have only had a couple of days at home to get Olivia recovered and back on tour. Campbell as been there for Olivia ,at times with little notice , knowing it was important to have Olivia's body recovered from the last tournament and ready for the next.
Olivia as been injury free , even though she is growing at a fast rate and training and competing above her years.  It's great to know we have already found Olivia a physio as part of her team for her journey ahead.

Jo Elliott - Olivia's mum
Lab Rats Project 1, 2 and 3
When Campbell asked me to write something for his website my response was absolutely yes as a small way to express my thanks and gratitude for how much he’s done for me. When I read recommendations it always tough as you don’t really know the person, so thought I’d give you some background to put this into context as I’m an average Joe - I’ll be 40 next year (2015) Married and work full time dawn to dusk so spare time to train is tight.
After competing in my 1st half marathon in March of 2013 (Time 01:44:10) my brother was diagnosed with cancer and I decided I needed to do something to keep him inspired.
I’m no couch potato and always kept healthy, but even by my standards signing up for back-to-back ultra marathons (100km) was questionable with 3mths to prepare. As I pounded out the miles thinking it was right thing to do, I over trained my inside knee/thigh which started to prevent me running.
By luck I was recommended Campbell and in desperation initially approached him to access the knee and subsequently treat the issue, but I had stumbled on someone who would become much more as he
helped revise the training and slowly gave me the confidence I could achieve the goal as the sponsorship was fast approaching £6,000. The summary was success and what affectionately had been renamed LABRat project 1.0 closed out with a respectable 36th of 176 finishers and 119 DNF due to the heat (Day1: 07:31:32 Day2: 09:06:54).
What next…
A few years earlier I had toyed with the idea of an IRONMAN, but really didn’t know where to start, but this time was different as my weapon was a one stop shop of knowledge, expertise, training plans, rehabilitation and support.
Since first meeting Campbell we’d got to know each other better and he fully understood not only would the IRONMAN be my 1st Triathlon, but also it needed to fit around a very busy work schedule.
Campbell makes things “easy”, his training plans, knowledge and advice are all delivered selflessly, working round the goal at hand and I honestly believe nothing is impossible with his guidance. We worked through 4 phases of 8 weeks designed at focusing on different areas, the self train plans structured with ease incorporating the swim, bike and run disciplines with the progression and improvement far exceeding what you think would be possible.
To say I’m pleased would be an understatement as without Campbell I would not be able to say I completed LABRat 2.0 my 1st Triathlon and IRONMAN 70.3, let alone in a respectable time of 06:00:38 on the infamous Wimbleball course.
“If you have a challenge and don’t know who to call”. If you’ve read this far and looked around Campbell’s site, I’d say you’ve found who you were looking for… Call now you won’t regret it.
Thanks Campbell and see you for LABRat 3.0 Andrew Gifford specimen 1 Berkhamsted
I have thoroughly enjoyed training with Campbell and I am absolutely certain that I would never have achieved what I have this year if it was not for his guidance and training methods.  Thanks mate you’re a star and I look forward to continue working with you long into the future.

2014 – Another year and my fitness levels and achievements have further improved with most races becoming a little easier with the focused structured training approach. Part one of Project alpe d'huez has been complete with a training weekend in May and the standard alpe d’huez Triathlon successfully conquered in July in preparation for the longer event in 2015.
Mike Kazer AKA The Boy Wonder
What a difference 3 years make from goofing around the gym to The world Triathlon Championships.
Campbell has provided guidance and really knows how to get the best out of you and his attention to detail has made my journey smoother and realised my true potential.
I have achieved so much in a relatively short period of time thanks to a structured training program tailored to my specific goals,needs and timescales Campbell’s one to one and group sessions are always great fun and above all testing.  
In 2015 Campbell organised a warm weather training camp which I am certain for all those who attended helped them achieve the race goals and in some cases the odd win!

I am looking forward to 2016 and the ETU Championships in Portugal and the entertaining and punishing schedule Campbell will produce.  
I have competed in triathlon for several years especially the longer more endurance based events having come from a running marathon background.  Having successfully competed at a number of 70.3 events, Duathlons and IRONMAN the call of Kona was something that I started to focus and dream about.

Over the last three years my sole goal has been in qualifying for Kona and therefore winning my age group IRONMAN event.   
In order to achieve my dream I needed to have a more structured approach to my training and train considerably more effectively on the bike.   Campbell has assisted and encouraged me to ride faster and my skill levels on the roads especially hills (up and down) are far better and have provided me with the confidence and strength to handle any IRONMAN course.  Spending considerable more time on the bike and the detail, care and support Campbell provides has been critical to achieving success at both IRONMAN WALES, IRONMAN UK BOLTON and the IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS HAWAII 2015.

Having just returned from Kona still on a high I can honestly say all the hard work, time effort, sacrifice and especially training and racing often in cold wet conditions paid off and the dream came true…it is the best race in the world and the heat and level of competition like no other IRONMAN.  In qualifying I have achieved a lifetime ambition and had my daughters and close friends share the moment which I will never ever forget.
When Dreams Become Reality

Thank you Campbell - Now for some rest before my next challenge and more fig rolls!