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I have been actively competing in multisport for over 20 years at a highly competitive level.  After seven successful years as a middle distance runner, injury soon took my sporting interest into a new direction.  Triathlon!  Swim, bike and run soon became my passion and with hard work and dedication I managed to gain selection for the World Championships to represent Great Britain at both duathlon and triathlon on several occasions.  

Over time I managed to transform myself into a highly competitive machine exploring every avenue in order to gain competitive advantage and improve my health and race day performance. This eventually culminated in a very successful and fulfilling ironman adventure with Switzerland 2007. Five months of carefully planned training and event preparation for that one big day. I remember that superman feeling over the final three weeks of training and I don't think I have ever felt fitter and healthier and ready to go for it.

Over this period my cycling became my strength  and a few years ago I was approached with a contractual offer to compete for the Virgin Active Cycling Team.  During the last three years I have represented the team professionally and often sacrificed my own opportunities for team members.  Cycling is a hard sport and one that takes great sacrifice but the passion and enthusiasm I have for sport in general makes it a little easier.

I understand the principals, requirements and various concepts that are required to achieve success in both endurance and non-endurance based sports. I have learnt that it’s a mixture of activities that will deliver success not sole focus on the one particular discipline be it running, cycling or golf.  The human body is a skeletal and muscular superhighway that can be adapted, stressed and moulded to change and programmed to trigger at peak times. However, the often overlooked and neglected areas are the 3R’s; rest, recovery and rehydration are key to adaptation, improved performance and achievement of the desired goals!!
The releaf philosophy is based on respect for the client, value and quality of our services. We are committed to achieving the best results for our customers through our wide variety and unique range of massage and therapy treatments and our athletic conditioning and corporate wellness fitness and training programs. Delivery of our services is achieved via our extensive network of experts and consultants in addition to our own in house experience and knowledge. Our business hours are relatively flexible and we are more than happy to accommodate your needs. We currently operate a Sunday Recovery Service SRS from 5 p.m. for those who require a post event recovery massage or who have been training hard over the weekend.
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