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However, getting started or making further progress can be difficult and mistakes can be made easily.  Releaf has the right skills, knowledge and experience to help you throughout your triathlon journey from the start (first event) to your development to take on the iron man challenge.
We can advise on equipment and nutrition, build you a successful training plan and assists in your development in order that your true potential and experience is an enjoyable one.  One to one coaching and training sessions can be arranged or group sessions for running or cycling along with detailed training schedule and plan that suits your individual requirements.
The basic principles for successful completion of a triathlon no matter the distance are the same. It’s the duration and length of training in addition to the time commitment that is the core difference.
So if you’re new to triathlon and would like one2one coaching or you are part of a small group (team or work colleagues) who would like to experience the benefits and enjoyment of triathlon then contact releaf for an initial consultation, we are happy to help.

coaching and mentoring

If it’s your desire to get fitter, perhaps loss a few pounds or simply just change the usual routine or gym workout for something a little different we can create exciting training programs that can be structured especially for you and our one2one training session that will push and test your fitness boundaries and at the same time they are instantly rewarding and enjoyable.


Inspiration comes from within, it comes from others in their achievements and also from human endeavour.  This can sometimes be the motivation required to help you work towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.  Indoor and especially outdoor exercise is a fantastic way to stimulate both body and mind and provide senses of wellbeing and enjoyment.  Our inspired program can be created to suit your requirements and worked around your busy lifestyle.
So the time has come to change, get fit and take up the challenge for you and perhaps at the same time raise some cash for a worthwhile charity.  But hold on!  London to Paris on a bike is a long way; just how much training and preparation do I need to do?  What do I need to do? How do I do it?   For some helpful guidance on such an undertaking we can provide training and assistance over the build-up and preparation for the big day all with the view of making the journey a rewarding one!
target your potential

Whatever your sport whatever your passion we can help you improve, enjoy and reach your full potential! With careful analysis and some hard work along with your commitment we can enhance your performance, help you achieve the desired result and make it an enjoyable experience.
Triathlon is the combination of swim, bike and run that provides you with a great way of getting fit in addition to a fantastic sense of achievement when  you have completed an event be it a sprint short distance or iron man long distance.  Triathlon is one of the fastest growing multi sports in the UK and our success at elite level is impressive with both the reigning male and female world champions.  
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