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The releaf Sunday Recovery Service has been introduced to provide treatment for those who have competed over the weekend or who may have just completed an intensive weeks training and require muscular repair prior to further activity or body stress.

The SRS is ideal for those competing on a regular basis or those in heavy training who may wish to safeguard against injury or those suffering with aching muscles/tendons and are looking to avoid time out!
The SRS massage will:

1. Assist the flow of fluids to blood and lymph.
2. Improve soft tissue mobility by stretching and separation of muscle fibres that have become adhered to one another.
3. Increase supply of nutrients to vascular tissues therefore enhancing their health and aiding healing and repair.
4. Remove metabolic waste assisting recovery.
5. Reduce pain by removal of pressure that has been built up causing congestion.
6. Regain efficiency in movement range thereby reducing risk of injury.
7. A reduction of pain is achieved by lessening tension in the muscles.
8. Improve posture and position
9. Regeneration within the musculoskeletal system.
10. Provide a good night's sleep
Speed recovery, dodge injury and boost your performance!

Make sports massage a crucial and essential part of your training program, enhancing performance and speeding up recovery.  You have just got to look at the frequency that it is now used in professional sports to justify the occasional visit as part of your racing or pursuits in sport. Many elites even go further employing their own personal masseurs, to help reach their goals.   

Don’t take our word for it!

Recent studies published in the Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise state that three massages per week on one leg found that after 10 weeks the massaged leg gained four degrees in flexibility and 13 per cent in strength.  Research in the Journal of Athletic Training noted a 30 per cent reduction in post exercise soreness and other research has found improved recovery and decreased levels of fatigue.  

Services commence from Sunday 5 pm until 9 pm and Monday 8 am until 10 am
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